Scuretto ARSTYL® Элементы дизайна

Technical drawing

The SCURETTO wall panel is a reference to cut stone and its mineral structure. With its fine incisions, the element offers an almost infinite variety of combinations, producing a resolutely contemporary result. Repeat, invert, rotate, insert… It is in the spirit of modularity and asymmetry that this unique design element was conceived. The FL11 and WL10 finishing profiles have been specifically designed to complete the wall composition created with SCURETTO, further expanding the scope of possibilities.

Advantages of Scuretto ARSTYL® wall panel:

  • Create unique designs
  • Gives 3D relief to walls and ceilings
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple installation

SCURETTO is made of polyurethane. This 3D panel is also easy to install as it is simply glued in place with ADEFIX® PLUS strong adhesive.

Информация о товаре

  • Размеры 380 x 14,5 x 1135 mm
  • Упаковка 9 шт/уп
  • SAP 3050634
  • EAN 5412938987882
  • Тип продукции настенная панель
  • Прогрунтован под покраску Прогрунтован под покраску
  • Для использования в помещении Для использования в помещении

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